Industry Sectors

The Power & Utilities portfolio is the largest and longest running portfolio at Spintelligent, featuring 6 conferences and trade exhibitions including Spintelligent’s flagship event, African Utility Week. The portfolio is supplemented by key industry publications ESI Africa and Metering & Smart Energy International, produced in-house by the Spintelligent’s Publishing & Digital Media department, and by the Spintelligent Training Academy.

Spintelligent’s Mining & Extractive Industry portfolio has a track record of more than ten years, offering turnkey events in Africa’s mining hotspots, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria. The portfolio’s events include DRC Mining Week, iPAD Kenya and Nigeria Mining Week. The portfolio is supplemented by key industry publication Mining Review Africa, produced by Spintelligent’s in-house Publishing department, and the Spintelligent Training Academy.

The Agriculture portfolio of events draws together agricultural professionals – from small farmers to commercial farming enterprises – and connect them with industry experts, leading equipment & machinery suppliers, seed and agrochemical producers, irrigation specialists, financial institutions, insurance providers, as well as key government and union officials.